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Our Group

We are a modern, diversified Food Company with a history of family entrepreneurship which boasts almost 60 years of history. Innovating has always moved us.

Our excellences

Here are the operating companies and brands that are part of the Group: learn about their offerings and uniqueness. Their distinguishing feature? The strong link with the territory and the enhancement of Made in Italy and Parma Food Valley specialties.

Our values

Tradition, innovation, sustainability and territory.
Our values speak for us.

Our commitment

Being Italian has great value for us and for those who choose us. “Made in Italy” as a way of designing, making and proposing the product.

Our people

Our most important resource is people: we are committed to fostering a peaceful working environment and to enhancing the skills of our collaborators.


The innovative attitude of our Group has enabled us to create and maintain a production system that ensures constant attention to quality and which always aims to meet customers’ needs.


Meeting customers' expectations through the provision of products developed through constant innovation and evolution that achieve the highest levels of quality.


Promoting of a controlled supply chain that shares consistency to the principles of environmental and social sustainability and contributes to the achievement of expected levels of product quality

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Our companies

Here are the operating companies that belong to the Group: discover their offer and their uniqueness. Their hallmark? The strong bond with the territory and the enhancement of Made in Italy and Parma Food Valley specialities.