Prosciuttificio San Michele srl

Founded in 1975 and acquired in 1995, it is located in the municipality of Lesignano de ‘Bagni, in the heart of the so-called Food Valley, a typical production area of ​​Prosciutto di Parma PDO.

Attention to the environment, to health and hygiene self-control regulations, the quality of the ingredients, the eco-sustainability of the packaging, the traceability of the supply chain, are the main success factors that have led to the growth of the company. The company has a share capital of € 1,500,000.

The productions of Prosciuttificio San Michele include:

  • Prosciutto di Parma PDO aged from 12 to 24 months;
  • A wide range of deli meats: Coppa di Parma PGI, Salame Felino PGI, Strolghino, Pancette (Pork belly), Fiocco di prosciutto (from pork thigh), Guanciale (Cheek lard);
  • Cooked and roasted cured meats: cooked hams of various types including high quality, grilled, Prague and herbs. Roast specialities such as pork loin and pork. Typical specialities, including the cooked shoulder of San Secondo and the roasted coppa;
  • A complete range of pre-sliced ​​meats in pre-formed trays in a protective atmosphere with slicing at positive temperature and slices placed by hand. This method – unlike the industrial one with automatic lines – allows processing the semi-products without modifying their peculiar organoleptic characteristics, thus guaranteeing the retention of the product quality. The products are also available in 100% recyclable paper and single-material PET trays.

Brand of Prosciuttificio San Michele srl


TERRE DUCALI is the brand through which we market the products of Prosciuttificio San Michele, a point of reference in the high-end production of raw, cooked and seasoned deli meats.

Parma Is srl

Established in 2012, the company is based in Traversetolo and is the vehicle of innovation and the laboratory of ready-to-eat natural products and quick meals. Quality, freshness and originality of the ingredients used are the hallmark of the range of products, and this also thanks to the HPP technology, which allows treating food while preserving its freshness and genuineness as well as guaranteeing food safety.

Through Parma Is we operate in the market for the production of gourmet sandwiches, snacks and ready-to-eat aperitifs. We have also entered into the production of raw vegetable sauces, fruit juices and vegetable preparations, raw fruit purees, condiments for pasta and cold infusions.

The company has a share capital of € 300,000.

Brands of Parma Is Srl


IL PAGNOTTO – born in 2013 – is the brand of our proposal of high-quality fresh sandwiches, made with refined and strictly Italian ingredients, which embraces five lines and thirteen recipes.


FRESCHE IDEE is the brand under which we market the products of our line of fresh sauces, fruit extracts and purees, pasta condiments and infusions.

HPP Italia Srl

Established in 2012 in Traversetolo, it is the largest European centre for the application of HPP technology to the treatment of foodstuffs. Innovative in terms of structure and machinery, the company is in possession of the most important quality and food safety certifications. With HPP Italia we provide high pressure treatment services for food products.

HPP technology is based on an innovative process that subjects food to extremely high hydrostatic pressure. Thanks to the absence of heat input, the microorganisms present in solid and liquid products are inactivated, so as to make the food microbiologically stable, storable and safe. This treatment extends shelf-life and contributes to higher food quality, meeting the growing needs in terms of food safety.

The We Use HPP logo guarantees consumers true freshness, naturalness and safety of cold pasteurized products.

The company has a share capital of € 100,000.

Fresco Break srl

Established in December 2020, it is a start-up that deals with the development and marketing of a sales service of fresh food products through innovative software solutions, real-time user interaction, improvement of the management of the logistics chain, the use of analytical data related to consumption habits (places, frequency, target, quantity, etc.) and oriented towards maximum sustainability of products and production and distribution processes.

The company has a share capital of € 160,000.