Our being Made in Italy

Creating a “Made in Italy” product means much more than making it in our Country. It is about the way we conceive it, we make it, we distribute it.

Being Italian for us means retaining a deep respect for a culinary culture known all over the world, applying those technological innovations that have enabled the city of Parma to become a Food Valley, an aggregating pole in the food industry, of which the Parmafood Group is integral part.

Made in Italy should therefore be understood as an expression of the culture that originated the product, as a way of working and as a style of work process capable of synthesising years of traditions, thought and passion.

Our commitment towards all our stakeholders is a daily work of responsibility and transparency.

All our activities are carried out in full compliance with EU, national and international regulations; we strongly reject any management logic that is not characterised by full compliance with economic, civil and moral laws.

Over the years we have become part of various trade associations committed to protecting the quality and compliance standards of products; in some of these we have also assumed specific roles in the governing bodies: ASSICA (Industrial Association of Meat and Deli Meats), IVSI (Institute of Valorisation of Italian Salami), CONFAPI Industria Emilia-Romagna, Consortia for the protection of typical PDO and PGI products.

These participations testify to our commitment to growth based on quality and responsibility – two elements indissolubly linked to our history.


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